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Education Research

My research centers on the voices of systemically underrepresented populations.

Orange Clouds

Learning Sciences

Educators should use evidence-backed strategies from the learning sciences when designing course materials.

Check out the publication: Using Learning Science Strategies to Enhance Teaching Practices and Empower Adult Learners. This was also presented at AAACE's 2022 conference in Milwaukee, WI.

Digital Rights

Educators should be engaging with critical digital pedagogy (Stommel, 2014) and ensuring the protection of students' privacy and digital rights when using EdTech.

Peruse a book chapter, entitled "Privacy and Data Rights for Adult English as a Second Language (ESL) Students," featuring strategies for all educators to utilize. 

Critical Digital Andragogy explores digital rights and responsibility considerations for instructors of adult or non-traditional learners.

Black Sky

Cultural Inclusion

Educators need to think about including all student voices and begin doing so at the beginning of their planning/ design process. Download the pdf of the AAACE 2021 proceedings on ERIC and proceed to page 121 to read more about culturally-inclusive instructional design.

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