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Instructor / Tutoring Services

Facilitating learner confidence, intelligibility, and curiosity for learning since 2002.


I took this picture in Tulum, Mexico.


I have instructed English language university-level courses in the US and the UAE and at various high schools in Austria. (Check out my CV for more details.)

In addition to facilitating group lessons, I have had in-person and virtual one-on-one private lessons with learners of various ages—from pre-teen to septuagenarians—from a range of language & and cultural backgrounds.

One-on-one tutoring sessions can help clients improve their skills in speaking, listening, test-taking, and giving presentations.


I plan, develop, and deliver lessons based on my client's needs.

$50/ hour session

$400/ 10 sessions pre-paid

Interested in booking a private lesson? Send me an email!


Jesus, Spain

When I started private classes with Kimmy, I was at a beginner level and I’ve gotten to upper intermediate in less than a year.

I can assist with technical meetings, discuss or explain my ideas and am not afraid to make mistakes. My grammar improved a lot thanks to her.

Takuma, Japan

After meeting with Kimmy in Pittsburgh, PA, I came back to Tokyo and received my first two IELTS scores. I successfully met my target score of 7.5. Thank you very much for all of your assistance! I got my personal best score. 

Emir, Bosnia

Before I took private English lessons from Kimmy, I spoke pretty poor English. My reason for starting to work on my English skills was not only my intention to reach a level which would enable me to speak about profound things but also because of my teacher's funny personality and efficient way of teaching. Her systematic and effective way of explaining grammatical rules and English expressions led me to my desired level within a few months. Thanks to her, I am planning to take an advanced English course in Oxford, which, when completed, will offer me better job and career chances.

Muheeba, Afghanistan

In this competitive world where every person thinks about making money, my teacher's main aim was to deliver a quality education. After I finished my English language course in my hometown, I always felt nervous about what will happen in the coming months because I wasn’t able to rely on myself to study. To my happiness, all my fear vanished when I attended my first private lesson. Kimmy has that spirit that brings the best out of students. She gave me the required motivation to move ahead in life. I really thank her from the depth of my heart for being there. She was and you will be always my inspiration.

Shin, Japan

My teacher advised me on a lot of communication methods in English.  Actually, when I came to the U.S., I had difficulty talking and communicating with my co-workers. There were plenty of words, idioms, and grammar in the conversations in our office that were unfamiliar to me. It was very difficult to find such words in the dictionary.

Then, I decided to have private English lessons with Kimmy. Because of her experienced teaching methods and knowledge, I could really improve my English ability. As of now, I have become able to talk with customers not only for business but also for witty conversation.

Jungwon, South Korea

When I was in the first year [of graduate studies] in the States and struggling with listening and speaking in English, I met Kimmy for the first time. She helped me improve my listening and speaking skills in English. Since I had studied English only for tests, it was so hard for me to understand the English idioms that native speakers were using in their daily lives. I was able to learn many idioms that are useful to my everyday while I studied English with Kimmy. Also, I was provided with various topics to discuss during our lesson. From these discussions, my teacher encouraged me not only to figure out the points of articles and the arguments of the authors but also to build up my self-confidence in giving my opinion to others in English. Moreover, when talking with her, I could get closer to American culture because she talked about her family and personal things as well as academic topics. I firmly believe that this service is the best for the international students whose native language is not English and whose culture is from the non-Western world. I strongly recommend her services!

Paul, Hungary

Kimmy taught me the information that I needed to get an 8 on my IELTS. She gets a fair share of the credit for this score!

Mohammed, UAE

Kimmy helped me when I needed a 7 on the Academic IELTS test so I could apply for my master’s. She gave me a lot of straightforward feedback on my essays and made me focus on my problem areas so I can help myself. In addition, she gave me tips to help me improve my score.

Farrah, Saudi Arabia

After working with Kimmy, I got the 6.5 on the IELTS I needed to get into my Master's program and study in Canada.
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